The Nellis Range UFO
Last updated on: January 22, 2012
NEW! (February 2007)   Revised Discussion
A newly updated, extensively revised analysis and discussion..  Includes new information on location, revised graphs of flight trajectory, altitude, and speed derived from radar and other overlaid data.

NEW! (Added February 2007)
Animation Flyover of S-30 object

A 3-D animation created by myself from the perspective of the S-30 UFO, illustrating its trajectory and dynamic properties, overlaid with simplified transcript, velocity, altitude, and range data.

(Added March 2004)
Transcripts of S-30 audio track
Transcripts of S-13 audio track

Note:  The video taken at site S-30 is the main UFO video segment,  The video at S-13 is lesser known and not nearly as interesting.  However both audio tracks record the bewilderment of range operators and the fact that central control had no idea what the object was either.  Locations called out also place the recordings from the Nellis Range.

New! "Complete" Nellis S-30 video (Macromedia streaming video)

Except for a few missing seconds at the beginning and end, this is the almost complete 2 min 44 second Nellis S-30 UFO video from the original digitized version. (Note:  video runs at slower than actual speed artificially increasing length)  Resolution has been reduced from 640x480 to 320x240 and audio quality is mediocre, but otherwise gives you a good overview of the entire sequence.  You may want to simultaneously follow S-30 transcript above while viewing video to better understand range operator comments.  (Notes: 1995 date given in video intro is wrong)

New! "Mostly Complete" Nellis S-30 video

Another location with a more abbreviated version, missing about 25 seconds from the beginning and 5 seconds off the end, but running at real speed with slightly better sound quality.

Photo gallery:
Some screen captures of the object in flight.  Full screen captures show overlaid radar tracking data.

Composite image
Some views of the multilobed Nellis UFO compared to other similar multi-lobed objects photographed or videoed in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Mexico City, Gulf Breeze, Florida, and Ohio.  New picture added from Romanek video below, and updated images of Gulf Breeze from Dr. Bruce Maccabee's website.

Strikingly similar object photographed Sept. 11, 2002 in Eastern U.S. on Jeff Rense Website.

Another Rense link showing multilobed, morphing objects videoed over Bedhampton, England between March and June, 2002.

(Added May 2003)  Another multilobed object caught on video by Stan Romanek over Denver, Colorado, Dec. 27, 2000.  Site includes still, drawing, and video.

Video segments:
These were originally at the now defunct UFO World Website.  In QuickTime MOV format.  Screen captures from a 1995 Sightings TV Program.

Video 1:  Object rotating, climbing, and darting around.  Range operator declaring "What is that?" and another saying "I don't know." (1.4 MBytes long)

Video 2:  Camera zoomed in on object (1.0 MBytes)

Video 3:  Another zoomed look at rotating object.  Clearly shows glowing nature of lobes with odd dark area. (2.0 MBytes)

Video 4:  Stablized, close-up view of slowly rotating, glowing object.  Sightings' photoanalyst who stablized image recently e-mailed me that the seeming pulsating "bubble" around object is actually an artifact of his stablization process.   (1.4 MBytes)

Video 5:  Larger screen Mpeg capture of Nellis UFO taken from a Mexican TV program, showing 28 seconds of flight and includes audio of puzzled range operators.  From Daniel Geib's Website.  (Warning:  2.2 MBytes and slower server.  Expect long download time.)

Video 6:  1991 Sao Paulo, Brazil UFO.  Strikingly similar glowing, four-lobed object captured on video by a TV news film crew.  Object darts around like a house-fly and puts on a spectacular light show at times.  In color.  (1.4 MBytes)

Video 7:  Dec. 27, 2000, Denver, Colorado.  Another darting, multi-lobed object videoed by Stan Romanek.  Not great, but worth a look.

Also be sure to check out excellent new Web page on the Nellis UFO put together by Martin Powell.  Includes audio segments and transcript of range operators commenting on unknown object, such as "What the hell is it?"