Were Two Objects Involved?

Some circumstantial evidence points to perhaps two (or more) objects being involved in the crash.  One account came from a Ms. Fountain from Montreal.  She related a story told to her by her father, Wayne Nickerson, when she was 10.  At that time, the Nickersons lived in Pubnico, about 20 miles NW of Shag Harbour.  After he had read the Halifax Chronicle-Herald Oct. 7 story on the Shag Harbour crash, Nickerson told his daughter about seeing 2 moon-like lights on the night of Oct. 4.  He had been traveling west from Shag Harbour to Woods Harbour when he spotted the 2 lights.  He stopped the car to observe.  They remained fixed in place for a few seconds, then one "moon" dropped downward, landed gently on the sound, and drifted silently.  Ms. Fountain said her father was not one to make up stories.  He spoke of the incident only one more time, shortly before his death in 1991.  (DO, pp. 159-160)

The authors noted that on the night of Oct. 4, there was only a new moon.  They speculated that perhaps the second object Nickerson saw in the sky after the first plunged into the sound was the same object seen by Norm Smith and his father a number of minutes after Laurie Wickens had seen an object go down behind the trees.  Smith had seen the lights descending toward Shag Harbour for the second time after being dropped off at home by Dave Kendricks.  Smith ran to get his father.  They hurried to their car to investigate and narrowly avoided crashing into one of the RCMP police cruisers as it came racing by.  At the time, Laurie Wickens was already keeping an eye on the object he had seen out in the sound.  This begs the question how Wickens could already have seen a light floating on the water while the Smith's saw one still in the air. (DO, pp. 160-161)

Acting on a tip from UFO investigator Steve MacLean, the authors also called a military officer.  "Leo" was one of the Royal Canadian Air Force radio officers that night.  Leo said there was much excitement on the military channels.  He added there were two objects that went into the water that night.  The divers took all sorts of pictures.  Leo refused to comment beyond this, saying he was abiding by a security oath.  (DO, pp. 161-162)

The Cameron Family UFO sighting, Woods Harbour, Oct. 11

The Cameron family of Woods Harbour also filed a UFO report with the RCMP about 2 objects they had seen on the night of Oct. 11, one being very similar in appearance to the one seen crashing into Shag Harbour about half a mile to the south exactly exactly one week before.  In addition, the Cameron story was an Oct. 12  front page article in the Halifax Chronicle-Herald , the story titled “2nd UFO Reported Seen In Shelburne.”

As noted in a previous section, the secret military search for the object at the submarine detection grid near Shelburne was suddenly called off one week after the crash when a Soviet submarine appeared in the vicinity and the flotilla sailed off to intercept.  This seemingly was followed by the Cameron UFO sighting.

Lockland Cameron, his wife Lorraine, their daughter Louella, and Lockland's brother Havelock, his wife Brenda and their child, were watching TV when the picture suddenly developed interference.  Lockland Cameron went to look for an airplane when he saw a group of six brilliant red lights in the in a straight line, about 3/4 mile away, tilted down at about 45 degrees, pointed in a SE direction, and perhaps 500-600 feet about the water. The entire family came over to watch. On four different occasions the lights flashed in a sequence, back and forth.  The spread of the lights was 50-60 feet. The lights were stationary for 7 or 8 minutes, then briefly disappeared. 

When they reappeared, there were only 4 and seemed to be at a 35 degree angle. The lights began to descend toward the horizon, changing in color from red to yellow and then to orange. The lights moved in the direction of Tusket Island to the NW and then vanished.    The whole sighting lasted maybe 15 minutes.

Cameron said he spotted the lights again an hour later.  This time they appeared to be a string of yellow lights moving “faster than any plane,” moving from the SW to the NE. (However, in Dark Object, it was stated that Cameron saw two objects speeding rapidly over the Gulf of Maine toward the United States.) Total time of the two sightings was maybe 25 minutes.

Lockland Cameron thought the RCMP might be interested because the lights at first appeared so close to the water, and he thought they might have emerged from it. He immediately called the RCMP, who came to the house and took statements from the family. The RCMP report added that the Mounties had called the RCAF at the nearby Baccaro radar station.  They were told that radar was negative and there were no known operations in the area.  The RCMP recommended that government personnel further interview witnesses to both the Oct. 4 and Oct. 11 sightings in the area.  (D.O., pp. 157-158, Appendix, p. 166,)

Ledger and Styles speculate that maybe the UFO or UFOs spotted by the Cameron family was/were the same one/ones that entered the water barely half a mile away a week earlier.  After the naval recovery flotilla departed, it/they were able to slip away and departed the same way they came.
The 1967 Shag Harbour UFO crash, Part 6
Evidence that maybe two objects were involved in crash